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The secret’s out. We’re excited to welcome Commonwealth Quidditch, our unofficial second squad, to the pitch this year.T-minus 12 days.


The secret’s out. We’re excited to welcome Commonwealth Quidditch, our unofficial second squad, to the pitch this year.

T-minus 12 days.

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NY Badassilisks Quidditch Team Try-Outs for 2015!

A new Quidditch season is starting and the Badassilisks are looking for some new witches and wizards.


Are you interested in playing Quidditch for the first time? Did you just leave your college team and want to join a community team?

Then come to our seasonal try-outs and show the coaches what you are capable of!



- Link:

Facebook event page:

All skill sets are welcome! Join the Green and Gold!


And then I creeped on the hotel room where JKR finished Deathly Hallows. #doesntgetnerdierthanthis #yolo #studyabroad


And then I creeped on the hotel room where JKR finished Deathly Hallows. #doesntgetnerdierthanthis #yolo #studyabroad

Less than 30 hours left to help the NY Badassilisks!

The NY Badassilisks Indiegogo fundraiser has been a FANTASTIC success, with the team raising nearly 3x their original goal. There is still time to support the team and make a donation and get some of the donation items that are available. Including their incredible new jersey’s.


These funds are used to help cover the large financial costs of transporting and housing the team at the Quidditch World Cup 7 going on this weekend at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


You can follow the teams progress at

And make sure to show your support and root them on at their Facebook page:


NY Badassilisks representing in Myrtle Beach!!! 🐲⚡👪 #NYBadass #myworldcupjourney #beach #MyrtleBeach #worldcup7 #ilovemyteammates #nypride #Badassilisks #shenanigans #fuckit


NY Badassilisks representing in Myrtle Beach!!! 🐲⚡👪 #NYBadass #myworldcupjourney #beach #MyrtleBeach #worldcup7 #ilovemyteammates #nypride #Badassilisks #shenanigans #fuckit

Badassilisks Fans Are Amazing

Our fund raising goal was blown away in HOURS.
Thank you so much for your support! If you like, you can continue to help by spreading the word and reposting our fund raiser on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).
We wanted to give a special shout out to those who contributed on Day 1. You got us over our goal!
(These are in no specific order)
Dinah Russell
Kevin Oelze
Anissa Harper
Kaitlyn Sisk
Austin Moore
Anthony Zutter
Walter Makarucha Jr.
Dan Hanson
Francisco Ferrer
Chris Berdoz
and of course thank you to our anonymous donators as well!

The NY Badassilisks are going to The Quidditch World Cup VII!

The NY Badassilisks are thrilled to be competing in another consecutive world cup. But getting to the cup can be expensive. Please check out our fund raiser at IndieGoGo and help us offset our travel costs. We have some really cool rewards for donators.

Our Story

The New York Badassilisks formed about a month before Quidditch World Cup IV (in the Fall of 2010), becoming one of the first community quidditch teams ever to compete in an official IQA tournament.  We have competed in every World Cup since and are looking to add World Cup VII to our list this April.  We almost missed our chance to compete this year, but a few unexpected circumstances offered us a last-minute chance to join the cup, and of course we were thrilled to be able to accept!

Our team takes pride in the fact that we are a community team. We are as varied and diverse as the city we call home.  We were founded by the Harry Potter meetup group, The Group That Shall Not Be Named, and have grown to include athletes, college grads, and an endless assortment of unique and talented individuals.  As a community team, we follow the philosophy of “once a Badassilisk, always a Badassilisk.”

Badassilisks Mission Statement:

The Badassilisks are a community team whose goal is to compete with division 1 IQA Quidditch teams around the country and the world.

It is the responsibility of any one Badassilisk to create an inclusive, fun and competitive environment to enjoy the sport of Quidditch for their fellow teammates, potential teammates and fans and friends. Without the first two the last one is not possible.


There’s a joy in this sport like no other!

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I’ve been going to anime/comic conventions for eight years, yet I still can’t explain what the significance of conventions are to people without having to go through a 20 minute explanation.  It’s truly a life changing experience, I can tell you that for sure!!  Here’s just a small example, but when I was younger I thought I was the only person on this planet that used Deviantart, until I attended Sakura Con.  I ended up collecting over 50 business cards that had their DA links that year, and I thought that was the just coolest thing to know that I was not alone.  Countless other moments had occurred that year where I met more and more people who knew of and appreciated the same things that I did.  So I hope most of you can relate to that feeling of absolute bliss and joy of attending a con.  uvu
Why do you like conventions?  I’d love to hear your stories!!

FanimeCon 2010 was a particularly invigorating experience for me since I recently got out of a horrid relationship with an asshat of an ex. My inner social butterfly came through especially during the Black and White Ball when the entire event was about socializing and meeting new people while dancing the night away. I came to realize that I’m more for video games than anime and manga so I’ve had people asking me why I’d go to an anime convention. In reality, it’s almost a misnomer since these types of conventions celebrate just about any fandom out there and I’m proud to be in such a collective bunch. Plus, as an artist myself, it’s always fun and inspiring to see all the creative works that goes on in the Artists Alley. So I guess that’s why I like going to conventions. :)

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